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3 Income Streams to Diversify Your Nonprofit's Revenue

Major events, such as galas and auctions, bring in vital revenue for your nonprofit. However, in between these major fundraisers, you should look to diversify your organization’s revenue streams. By doing so, you can earn more revenue, remain afloat in the event a fundraiser falls through, and give supporters more ways to engage.

Plan IT: Make Technology Your Ally

March 4, 2024 Technology
Technology is foundational to helping nonprofits raise money, improve their productivity, measure program effectiveness, and communicate. Our newly revamped Plan IT program can empower you to make technology a more reliable partner in achieving your mission.

10 Do's and Don'ts of HR Assessments for Nonprofits

March 1, 2024
A human resource (HR) assessment is a tool used to analyze and identify critical areas in HR for improvement. It ensures that the delivery of HR services is aligned with the organization’s mission and values. An HR assessment is conducted by reviewing written policies, interviewing stakeholders, and observing behavior to analyze how HR is functioning throughout the organization.

A Guide to Nurturing Member Relationships

A successful nonprofit membership program depends upon one thing: its members! As the lifeblood of your membership program, it’s vital to keep members satisfied, engaged, and invested. Ultimately, the most important metric when determining a membership program’s success is your relationships with your members.

Best Practices for Nonprofit Project Management

September 22, 2023 Technology
Nonprofits need to run like clockwork to effectively cover their many projects, internal processes, and stakeholder management. Given this, they often have to anchor on project management to keep their wheels turning.

4 Creative Ways to Engage Donor-Advised Fund Holders

September 7, 2023 Fundraising & Development
With last year’s giving trends showing a 10% decline in donations to nonprofits across the board, it’s more important than ever to get creative with your fundraising strategies and explore new avenues for donations. If you haven’t previously targeted donor-advised funds, or DAFs, this is a worthwhile avenue to look into.