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Are You a Tech Diversity Champion?

Posted Nov 10, 2016 10:12 AM
Washington Technology Industry Association (WTIA) is committed to strengthening the thriving tech sector in Washington State. A core tenet of their mission is to encourage and develop diversity in the industry. 501 Commons has partnered with them in this effort by joining their Diversity Action Committee.

Together with WTIA, we joined with leaders from HERE Seattle, Technology Access Foundation, Washington MESA, and Washington STEM to identify and celebrate organizations that are currently and actively providing direct help – not just advocacy – specifically to women, minorities, and veterans to enter and thrive in the tech sector. Together, we launched the Tech Diversity Champions initiative earlier this summer with a great infographic and media campaign.

The list is focused on nonprofits, but some private companies are also mentioned. In the case of code schools, we only included those with existing diversity scholarships. We also included unconventional resources such as TUNE House, which provides free lodging for eight women studying computer science at the University of Washington.

If we missed an organization doing great work in fostering diversity in STEM careers, we want to know! Please email Julie Pham at WTIA a link to the program/organization and an explanation of why it should be included. If your program fits within their criteria, WTIA will update the online graphic.

Please join us in this important initiative!