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Are You Prepared for GiveBIG 2015?

Posted Apr 08, 2015 01:45 PM
GiveBIG, The Seattle Foundation's annual one-day online charitable giving event, is on May 5, 2015 from midnight to midnight. To maximize GiveBIG's potential for your nonprofit, it is important to develop a marketing strategy to inform your donors about how to donate, develop metrics for success ahead of time, and incorporate messaging that gets people excited about supporting your mission.

GiveBIG, The Seattle Foundation’s annual one-day online charitable giving event, is on May 5, 2015. Now is the time to prepare for what is the single most prolific charitable giving day in our region. Donations generate additional contributions from a “stretch fund" and throughout GiveBIG, donors will be chosen at random to win an additional $1,000 for the charity of their choice.

Last year, $14.5 million was raised in 24 hours for local nonprofits. 1,471 participants made 64,300 donations, an astonishing pace of $168 raised per second!

As you prepare, consider these Six Tips for Giving Days from the Case Foundation:

  1. Fundraise under the umbrella of the giving day’s marketing campaign and participate in the overall community’s effort instead of creating a completely unique campaign.
  2. Plan to invest 10-30 hours of staff time in a campaign to perform well in an online giving day.
  3. Develop success metrics before the day….use it to highlight a program or to cultivate new donors.
  4. If free training is available, take advantage of it to advance your online fundraising skills.
  5. Use contest awards [like the stretch pool and golden ticket] to create a sense of urgency that excites your team, donors, volunteers, and advocates.
  6. The giving day should not conflict with your ongoing organizational efforts. Incorporate messaging to support your annual drive or amplify programmatic objectives into the giving day effort.

You have up until April 15 to update your organization’s profile on The Seattle Foundation’s website.

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