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Plan IT: Make Technology Your Ally

March 4, 2024 Technology
Technology is foundational to helping nonprofits raise money, improve their productivity, measure program effectiveness, and communicate. Our newly revamped Plan IT program can empower you to make technology a more reliable partner in achieving your mission.

Best Practices for Nonprofit Project Management

September 22, 2023 Technology
Nonprofits need to run like clockwork to effectively cover their many projects, internal processes, and stakeholder management. Given this, they often have to anchor on project management to keep their wheels turning.

What Nonprofits Can Do to Take Cybersecurity Seriously

March 13, 2023 Technology
Having a stable and secure computer network is the first step in protecting your employee, volunteer, donor, and client data. Research has found that most nonprofits have few measures to protect against cyber-attacks – which is why our sector is being targeted.