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Grant Opportunities - June 2017

June 27, 2017
Summer is finally here, but don't let your fundraising go on vacation! Check out these grant opportunities with deadlines happening in the next few weeks or months.

We Can Help You Strengthen Your Volunteer Management Practices

June 19, 2017
Your volunteers can reap benefits for your organization far beyond the time and talent they already provide. Committed volunteers may also become major donors, expert consultants, project leads, board members, and public advocates if proper time is spent cultivating these relationships.

Resiliency: How Can Nonprofit Leaders Build Resilient Organizations?

May 24, 2017
Resiliency…resiliency… just saying the word can make you feel more settled in these unsettling times. What are the strategies that nonprofit leaders can do to build resiliency in our organizations? Being resilient means the organization can not only survive a crisis but thrive.

GUEST BLOG: Everybody Has a Story. Make Yours Count

May 22, 2017
We are excited to share this blog post written by Dan Lamont (Tatoosh Media), a visual media specialist who is listed in our Resource Directory. He writes about the importance of storytelling and how every nonprofit organization has a compelling story that needs to be told.

WEBINAR: How to Solve Your Nonprofit's IT Compliance Issues

May 18, 2017
To protect the public’s safety and privacy, all companies – including nonprofits – must comply with state and federal rules regulating how to secure data and electronic transactions. Mistakes can lead to lawsuits and broken trust. Watch our webinar “How to Solve Your Nonprofit’s IT Compliance Issues” that goes into great depth about how to prevent these mistakes from happening.

Helpful Resources: Federal Digital Safety Laws

April 28, 2017
How familiar are you with federal digital safety laws? Complying with these regulations is important to retaining the confidence of your donors, funders, and clients.