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Thank You to Our GiveBIG 2019 Sponsors!

May 6, 2019
It takes a tremendous amount of support to ensure GiveBIG can be as successful as possible for nonprofit organizations across the state of Washington.

6 Strategies to Drive More Donations Through Your Website

Your software solutions are designed to help your nonprofit succeed. Success looks different for every organization, but generally speaking, your technology should help contribute to your organization’s overarching mission. Whether that means better communicating your goals to your supporters or garnering donations, technology is there to help.

Helpful Resources: Leadership Development

July 26, 2017
Quality leadership at the top is critical to the success of every nonprofit. So what can you do to further hone your leadership skills and your ability to navigate through challenges?

How the Washington Family Leave Act Affects Nonprofits

July 19, 2017
In early July, the legislature passed the Washington Family Leave Act (FLA), which provides eligible workers up to 12 weeks of paid protected leave for the birth or adoption of a child or for leave when the employee or a family member (including registered domestic partners) faces a serious health condition.

Helpful Resources: Financial Management

July 3, 2017
Sound financial management is a must for nonprofits. It's necessary for maintaining compliance with local and federal laws, reporting back to funders, and keeping the organization running smoothly. We share with you important resources on financial management that you should keep bookmarked for future reference.

Grant Opportunities - June 2017

June 27, 2017
Summer is finally here, but don't let your fundraising go on vacation! Check out these grant opportunities with deadlines happening in the next few weeks or months.