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Denise Louie Education Center: The Power of a Unified Team

Posted Apr 01, 2015 12:40 PM
The Denise Louie Education Center, which provides high-quality multicultural early learning and family support services to Seattle kids, wanted their leadership team to be operating on the same page. As a result, 501 Commons' Human Resources provided a series of supervisor trainings to ensure everyone is working together as a unified team.

Far too many children in the state of Washington enter kindergarten unprepared. Especially for children in poverty, the achievement gap can lead to increased difficulties in school and beyond.

Since 1978, the Denise Louie Education Center has provided high-quality multicultural early learning and family support services to Seattle kids.

Offering programs such as Early Head Start home visits, Head Start preschool, and Play & Learn social groups, DLEC’s leadership team plays a crucial role in serving more than 575 children every year. Cheryl DiNovi, DLEC’s Birth to Three Director, says the organization had a mix of supervisors with differing levels of experience and skills. She wanted everyone on the leadership team to be operating with the same set of standards, expectations, and knowledge.

As a result, DLEC asked 501 Commons Human Resources to provided a series of five supervisor trainings that covered anti-discrimination, ADA compliance, hiring/interviewing, wage/HR law, I9, drug-free and leave of absence policies, company philosophy, violence prevention, sexual harassment, and other topics.

“Staff has been very engaged and many points of confusion have been clarified,” Cheryl says. “Supervisors have reported they feel these trainings have provided the guidance and knowledge they needed to increase their skills.”

Cheryl says the organization is working together as a unified supervisory team and that they are putting into practice what they’ve learned. “I have thoroughly enjoyed working with 501 Commons,” Cheryl says. “They have been responsive to our requests and exceeded expectations.”

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