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Emergency COVID-19 Funding for Nonprofits

Posted Mar 27, 2020 04:50 PM
As our community deals with the coronavirus outbreak and the economic downturn several organizations and government entities are offering nonprofits (as well as small businesses and individuals) grants to help them get back on their feet.

These grants are meant to cover lost expenses caused by COVID-19 and mitigate future damages that may occur the longer this problem lasts.  Check to see if your organization is eligible for any of these funding opportunities.

Monitor information from Washington Nonprofits and the Nonprofit Association of Oregon. Join these advocacy organizations to support their work!

Washington Nonprofits just published this post:  How Nonprofits can Utilize the New Federal Laws Dealing with COVID-19 which includes:

  • Information on the Federal CARES Act. Please note that no one fully understands yet how the loan programs will work or who is eligible. The national network of state associations is working hard to provide you with timely information.
  • Philanthropy Northwest's list of COVID-19 Response Funds in the region.
  • Since Philanthropy Northwest's list does not include public funding, Washington Nonprofits organized some of the leads they are currently aware of in this google sheet. They will continue to add to it in the near term.

Public Funding Options

U.S. Small Business Administration's Disaster Loan Assistance: Businesses, nonprofit organizations, homeowners, and renters can apply for federal disaster loans if they are unable to meet their obligations and pay ordinary and necessary operating expenses.

King County Equity and Social Justice's COVID-19 Community Response Fund: Grants of up to $25,000 will be awarded to community-based organizations and other stakeholders serving impacted communities. Priority is given to partners that are working with communities at the highest risk of immediate and long term negative health, social and economic impacts, with an emphasis on communities located near isolation, quarantine and recovery sites.

Other Resources

AFP Advancement Northwest has created a LinkedIn group for the entire fundraising community! Use it as a gathering place and discussion board during the COVID-19 crisis. Join the list, where everyone can share resources in real timePlease forward this to your friends and colleagues.

501 Commons' services and resources: We are not offering grants, but we’ve been assembling resources and developing new tools to help your organization adjust to this new reality. Reach out and tell us what you need.  Information and Referral services are free.