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Exec2Exec: Gain Clarity and Wisdom From a Trusted Advisor

Posted Jul 30, 2021 09:51 AM
Whether you're mapping out a post-pandemic fundraising strategy or planning to assemble a staff team amidst a “Turnover Tsunami,” don’t feel like you need to solve this all by yourself.

Request up to 6 hours of free executive advising by tapping our Exec2Exec program!

We can provide you with a confidential sounding board and advice from an experienced nonprofit executive. Hear what Jon Hoekstra, executive director of
Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust, has to say about Exec2Exec:

“In anticipation of staffing up a new program area, I applied for some Exec2Exec coaching to make sure I was thinking through all of the organizational implications before just posting a job description. The six hours of coaching have been amazing as what I thought was a simple question opened a rich dialogue that is helping me center this new program in our strategic plan, and that has given me some fresh perspectives on how to better align and focus other programs, too,” Jon says.

There’s a wide range of topics that you can talk about with your advisor, including:

  • Improving board governance and the relationship between the board and executive.
  • Financial strategies to improve your organization’s viability.
  • Shaping organizational culture, including inter-generational issues.
  • Deciding whether to leave your organization.
  • Incorporating IDEA (inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility) principles into your culture.

The number of available spots is limited, so please request executive advising as soon as you can. If you would like to talk about Exec2Exec before requesting the service, please start a conversation with Dan Bridge at