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Fall Board Meeting Discussion Item: "What is Our Advocacy Agenda?"

Posted Sep 30, 2018 04:40 PM
The fall weather shift is a reminder to determine your public policy agenda and talk to your board about their role in advocacy. Get your staff and board members in contact with legislators before they head back to Olympia in January.

You may also be able to schedule time with congressional members when they are in recess from October 29 - November 12 or book a time with their staff in advance of the recess (check the Congressional calendar).

Legislators – including city and county council members – need your ideas for legislative and budget changes that address the problem your mission is designed to solve.

Need some inspiration? Read about Seattle parent Anna McCartney, a parent and a volunteer lobbyist, who has advocated successfully for a federal bill that requires food labels to plainly list allergens and two state bills, one that allows EMTs to administer epinephrine without having a parent’s permission and a second that allows students to bring epinephrine injectors and asthma inhalers to school and self-administer. This story about Anna breaks down the “secrets of success” in lobbying.

Her message about how surprisingly easy it was for her to approach federal and state legislators and pass legislation that saves children’s lives is echoed in this
LinkedIn article by Lauri Hennessey, Vice President of Engagement at Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle and the chair of the Advocacy Committee at Treehouse that warns nonprofits, “You either convey your mission to elected officials, or you may just be forgotten.”

Don’t let your organization be forgotten! Justice is the result of action, not talk. Put your knowledge to work to craft policies that will advance your mission. For more on advocacy visit
Advocacy Resources in the Resource Directory.