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GiveBIG Has a New Home in 501 Commons

Posted Dec 06, 2018 01:35 PM
We are excited to announce that 501 Commons will be the new home for GiveBIG, our region’s largest annual giving day that has raised more than $113 million for nonprofits since 2011. This past year alone generated $16 million from 31,000 donors for 1,600 organizations.

The Seattle Foundation has been working closely with us to transfer over GiveBIG’s infrastructure, branding, and momentum. We’d like to thank them, especially Mary Grace Roske, for facilitating this transition. The Seattle Foundation has provided thousands of hours of staff time and has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to manage and publicize GiveBIG over the years.

The next GiveBIG is set for May 8, 2019. Mark your calendar today!

In the meantime, begin thinking now about how you can raise funds to provide a match for donors’ gifts in May. Having a match is a powerful tool for increasing your donations. The CiviCore platform offers robust peer-to-peer giving capabilities that we are very excited to include in the 2019 campaign. We will provide more information and training on this in the coming months, and encourage you to begin thinking about well-connected people with strong social media followings to champion a peer-to-peer campaign for you.

This could not have happened without the involvement of Encore Media Group, an organization that has worked closely with nonprofit organizations in our community. We look forward to working with Encore to bring you a successful 2019 giving day.

We are particularly thankful to the 100+ nonprofits involved with the Giving Day Nonprofit Coalition. Your dedication has resulted in a detailed plan for 501 Commons and Encore Media Group to work together to produce GiveBIG 2019, with the support of Advisory Council members. In particular, we want to express gratitude for the leadership of Coalition Co-chairs Jeni Craswell, Jane Hargraft, and Frank Stilwagner, and — especially — for the incomparable Megan Hall.