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Helpful Resources: Advocacy Guidelines for Nonprofits

Posted Sep 26, 2017 09:01 AM
Nonprofits have a responsibility to stand up for changes that benefit the community interests they serve. Imagine how different our state would look if every nonprofit engaged in advocacy to advance public understanding of their issue and to galvanize action by city, county, state, and federal legislators!

We highly encourage you attend our two-part advocacy training workshop on Oct. 31, but in the meantime here are some important resources to help you think about how you–and your board—can advance your organization and your cause by influencing legislation (and budgeting decisions), coalitions advocating for changes in public policy, and efforts to change the way the public thinks about important issues.

This month we will talk about the legal guidelines you need to be aware of when engaging in advocacy. Next month we’ll share resources on how you can become better champions for your mission in the eyes of our elected leaders.