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Helpful Resources: Coworking Spaces

Posted Nov 07, 2016 01:23 PM
For startups and organizations with a small staff, it can be difficult to get quality work done in living rooms, kitchens or coffee shops. However, it can also be tremendously expensive to rent office spaces, especially in large metropolitan areas.

If only, there was another option!

Guess what? There is! “Coworking spaces” is a new trend in today’s working world enjoyed by startups, independent entrepreneurs, and freelancers. Coworking spaces are shared work environments that are usually affordable, conveniently located, and provide amenities needed to be productive (high speed wireless internet, desks, meeting rooms, etc.). Not all working spaces are the same, but the goal is to give independent employees and new companies a viable place to get important work done.

Check out these resources from across the state of Washington:
  • Desk+ is a member of our Statewide Nonprofit Resource Directory that offers affordable and conveniently located coworking space in Burien for social entrepreneurs, nonprofits, and freelancers.
  • The Seattle Collaborative Space Alliance is a community of space owners, managers, members, and community catalysts in the Seattle area.
  • Fuse unifies the coworking community in the Tri-Cities.
  • Startup Spokane Central supports the budding entrepreneur community in greater Spokane.