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Helpful Resources: Running a Successful Peer-to-Peer Campaign

Posted Mar 21, 2019 10:09 AM
A new feature of GiveBIG 2019 are Peer-to-Peer Campaigns (P2P), also known as “social fundraising.” P2P is when your donors, board members, volunteers, staff, and celebrity supporters solicit donations from their networks to raise money on your behalf.

Starting a P2P campaign is easy, but success depends on knowing how to best leverage social media, storytelling techniques, and digital communication tools.

  • Attend Idealware’s 6-part Social Media Toolkit webinar series that starts on Apr. 3. Over six weeks learn how to get real value from your efforts and convert “likes” into engagement, information sharing, activism, and donations.
  • On April 18 we’re hosting Video Storytelling for Impact, a free technology training presented by Michael Sharon and Dana Rommerdahl of 6162 Productions. They teach you how to tell captivating stories through video that drive engagement and build brand value.
  • Campbell & Company is hosting a series of Fundraising Communications webinars to help you improve your fundraising and marketing materials. Three have already happened, which you can watch for free on YouTubeRegister for the other two. Also attend their Data Visualization webinar on Apr. 10.