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How to Use Your Online Giving Page to Boost Donor Retention

Posted Sep 20, 2022 02:15 PM
A donation page is a powerful tool for nonprofits. From expanding your reach to attracting new donors, your nonprofit needs a strong online presence—and this includes a well-designed donation page. However, simply bringing new donors to your page isn’t enough. You also want supporters to stick around for the long term and become recurring donors.

Let's go over how to create an effective giving page that can help you retain donors for the long run. Use these tips to amp up your fundraising and turn new supporters into loyal donors:

  • Brand your giving page
  • Add accessibility features
  • Optimize for mobile devices
  • Offer monthly giving

Whether you’re looking to create a donation page from scratch or want to revamp your existing page, these strategies can help. Let’s dive in!

Brand your giving page

Your donation page should be unique to your organization and built to help boost your online fundraising efforts. This means that you should use a font, color scheme, and tone that is consistent with the rest of your website and marketing materials.

A unique giving page helps your organization:

  • Boost credibility. By customizing elements like your font and page layout, your donation page will have a more professional feel. This makes donors feel confident that they’re giving funds to a legitimate cause. As a result, they’ll be more likely to give again.
  • Build brand visibility. People are more likely to give to organizations that they recognize and believe are trustworthy. This makes getting your nonprofit’s brand out there a critical step to acquiring and retaining donors.
  • Create strong donor relationships. By branding your donation page, you’ll be able to better connect with donors. For instance, adding images and graphic design elements to your giving page can highlight your organization’s mission and tap into people’s emotions. An effective giving page should not only offer an easy way to give, but should tell a story about your nonprofit and why donations are critical to furthering your cause. This will encourage donors to return to your page and give again.

There are many ways you can get your nonprofit’s brand across, but one of the most effective is by prominently displaying your logo. A well-designed logo can pique prospective donors’ interest and add authority to your organization!

Add accessibility features

You can retain donors by making sure that your donation page is accessible to as many people as possible. After all, how can you encourage donors to stick around if people can’t engage with your giving page to begin with?

Include these accessibility features to your donation page:

  • A high contrast between the text and background. To make the reading experience as smooth as possible, your text needs to stand out from the background. Use contrasting text and background colors so readers can easily digest the information. To check if your colors have a high enough contrast, try viewing the page in grayscale.
  • Alt text. Your donation page will likely include some visuals, but not everyone is able to access these elements. Describe what each picture or video is conveying by adding alt text or a transcript.
  • Accessibility widget. An accessibility widget gives users the ability to control your donation page’s appearance, allowing them to customize it to their own needs.

In addition to making your donation page inclusive for everyone, adding these accessibility features can improve your page’s search visibility. Search engines prioritize websites that are accessible, meaning your donation page will be more likely to appear when return visitors search for your nonprofit or keywords associated with your mission.

Optimize for mobile devices

By optimizing your giving page for mobile devices, you’ll be able to expand your reach and make the donation process more convenient. According to 360MatchPro’s fundraising statistics, donations pages that are mobile-friendly yield 34% more donations.

Include these mobile-friendly features so you can earn more revenue and make donating easy:

  • Appropriate formatting and sizing. Your donation page should fit any size screen. All visuals and images should be appropriately sized so users can easily interact with your page and fill it out without any issues.
  • Easy-to-complete prompts. Users should be able to complete all prompts on their mobile devices with only minimal scrolling or pinching. Make sure mobile users can click all buttons and fill out all prompts.
  • Text-to-give. With text-to-give, you’ll set up a designated phone number. Donors can then text a specific keyword and their donation amount (the process varies depending on the donation platform you use), and the text-to-give platform will walk them through the donation process.

You should also minimize pop-ups, which can be difficult to close out on mobile devices and frustrating for users. If your site has pop-ups, make sure they’re mobile-friendly and easy to read or close.

Offer monthly giving

Monthly giving programs help your nonprofit create a predictable revenue stream. According to Donately’s guide to monthly giving, it is a type of recurring giving in which donors contribute a specified amount each month. Your organization can expect a certain amount of revenue each month that can be used towards funding your programs, events, and any other expenses.

There are also many benefits to monthly giving for your donors. Instead of submitting their payment information each time they want to give, donors can fill out your donation page just once and sign up for monthly giving. Give donors the flexibility to change the amount at any time or their billing information.

A payment processor is a critical online donation tool to safely transfer funds each month to your nonprofit’s account. This way, you don’t have to worry about making sure you can access the donated funds and your donors can feel confident knowing their billing information is protected.

About the Author: Jacob Spencer, Customer Success/Account Manager at Donately

Jacob strive to make every step of our customer journey as enjoyable as possible. His goal is to turn everyone that trusts Donately into a raving fan! Raising funds can be daunting, but with the right tools, it can and should be easy.

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