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Improve your Board's Effectiveness

Posted Jun 16, 2014 10:25 AM
Policy Governance is a model of board governance that an increasing number of nonprofits are engaging. Join us at this training on July 17th and help your board focus on the "big picture".

Looking for a way to make your board more effective and efficient? Policy Governance ® uses policies laid out in advance to help the board clarify its role and to define the relationship between the board and the administrative leader (executive director, head of school, or CEO). Because the board's processes are written down, clear, and more stable, the oversight and governance role of the board can be accomplished with less time but greater consistency.

This frees up time for the board to focus on longer-term strategic issues, deepening community connections, and on the support role of individual board members, including fundraising.

This seminar will provide you with a solid understanding of the principles and practices of Policy Governance, a fast growing approach to governance used by many nonprofits, credit unions, religious organizations, and school districts.
The workshop presenter is Randal Dick, who is a graduate of the Policy Governance Academy. Nancy Long, executive director of 501 Commons, which uses Policy Governance for its board, will also attend.

Issues that will be addressed in this seminar:
  • How should a board provide direction to and evaluate the executive director?
  • How can the board determine if the organization is achieving its intended end results?
  • How can the board focus its time well so it provides value to the organization?
Who should attend?
  • Board members and executive directors who want to better understand how to more clearly define the authority of the executive and the role of board members
  • Executive directors and board members considering whether Policy Governance would be a good fit for their organization
  • New members of Policy Governance boards who need an introduction to the theory and practices of a PG board

Workshop registration

Partial service grants are available to small organizations and group discounts are available for two or more people attending.  Contact for more details.