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Lift Up the Voices of Nonprofits

Posted Apr 07, 2022 02:45 PM
There’s no better time to lift up the voices of the nonprofit sector than now, especially with the various challenges our communities are facing.

Independent Sector is leading a campaign to pass the Nonprofit Sector Strength and Partnership Act, a bipartisan federal bill that ensures the expertise provided by nonprofits can be at the table when discussing federal policies that affect our sector. We ask that you sign this letter of support today, with the Act scheduled to be introduced in Congress soon.

Sign the Letter Today

According to our friends at Washington Nonprofits, the Act would “establish a White House Office and Interagency Council on Nonprofit Sector Partnership and create an Advisory Board on the Nonprofit Sector. It would also require the federal government to publish quarterly economic data on the nonprofit sector, allowing for deeper, data-driven insights into the impact of nonprofits on our nation’s economy and the strength of our sector.”

Closer cooperation between the government and nonprofit sectors can go a long way in more effectively pursuing our shared goals.

It only takes a minute to sign the letter, so please join us in endorsing our sector having a prominent voice in the legislative process. Then, urge your colleagues to do the same! Time is short, so act now by reading the letter and completing the short form to add your organization’s voice.