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Nonprofit Networking Group Listserv Transitioning to

Posted Oct 28, 2019 11:30 AM
IMPORTANT CHANGE TO THE YAHOO LISTSERV MODERATED BY 501 COMMONS - A message to Nonprofit Networking Group subscribers and others.

We very recently learned that Yahoo Groups – the online platform hosting the Nonprofit Networking Group (NNG) listserv since 2001 – is disabling some listserv functionality with more changes to come (learn more here). We also believe a robust email group is important to nonprofits across the Pacific Northwest. So we've been researching alternative listserv systems and are now in the process of transitioning to a platform called

This new online group will also have an updated name: Northwest Nonprofit Networking. Plus, we anticipate some improved functionality with

If all goes as planned, current NNG subscribers do not need to take any additional actions to remain a part of this transferred group. You should receive a notice and instructions from – with information on how to participate on that platform – once the subscription transfer is complete. However, new subscribers may not be able to join NNG during this transition period. Note: Please DO NOT request to join or attempt to distribute messages through the new email group until it is officially online. Among other reasons, the subscriber list is not yet established (e.g., transferred from Yahoo Groups), so there's no real "audience" yet for your posts.

We are working to quickly make the switch and minimize disruption to this free service. Yet, there may be downtime, due to factors outside of our control, as well as decreased access to content previously uploaded to Yahoo Groups/Nonprofit Networking Group (e.g., PDFs, images, etc.). For the moment, though, it appears that messages can still be distributed, through Yahoo Groups, to other subscribers using emails sent to (NNG subscribers only). We will continue to moderate and distribute such messages until the new email group is fully up-and-running.

During this transition, we ask for your patience as we adjust to changes being made by Yahoo and as we, too, learn how the new email-group system works. We also want to let you know that, despite this unexpected change, participating in Northwest Nonprofit Networking will remain free for the community. Lastly, to NNG subscribers, thank you for your participation and we look forward to moderating a new and improved email group on

Update from 501 Commons (11/14/19): The transition to a new email group (i.e., listserv) is complete. Please subscribe and/or post all new messages through Northwest Nonprofit Networking (NNN). Simple instructions are found on NNN's homepage:

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