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Online Time Tracking Tools for Nonprofits

Posted Jul 02, 2020 12:45 PM
Reporting work hours have recently taken on new importance now that many nonprofit employees are working from home. The new overtime rules in Washington State also require all employees, including those who are salaried, to track their hours.

Although reporting on spreadsheets has worked for many years, cloud-based applications provide better functionality and detailed reporting that can help you track program costs and provide data for contracts and grant applications.

While everyone is sensitive to added costs, time-tracking tools make better use of staff time. These time-tracking applications have the ability to:

  • Track sick, vacation, leave, holiday, overtime, and PTO hours
  • Track specified job functions for budgeting and grant preparation
  • Integrate with accounting platforms for payroll and report generation (though not every platform can do this)
  • Demonstrate compliance with state and federal overtime rules
  • Work across mobile and desktop platforms
  • Keep track of time spent on specific projects
  • View and manage employee workloads

Let’s jump into some free or affordable programs that can support compliance, financial reporting, and a more flexible working environment.

Toggl ($10/user, per month)

Toggl is simple to use — just hit Start and the timer gets going. You can add the task to a project. If you switch between devices, Toggl keeps the timer synced across them.

Toggl has a basic Pomodoro timer as part of its Chrome extension — useful for staying focused on a task. Toggl also has a desktop pop-up that reminds you to start the timer if you’ve been on your computer for a while and haven’t hit Start. It also provides nice clean reports in any format.

ClickTime ($32/yr for 10 users)

Web and mobile timesheets and resource management services for your nonprofit, charity, or public library through ClickTime for Nonprofits at TechSoup.

You can use this service if your organization prefers a cloud computing approach to time tracking and resource management. Up to 50 employees, contractors, or volunteers can enter time and run reports from any computer with web access.

RescueTime ($72 per user, per year)

RescueTime automatically tracks your time in the background and can also block distracting websites. RescueTime helps users understand how exactly they spend their time to optimize energy and take back control of their day. You get control over what sites get tracked, as well as unlimited historical productivity data and team-level insights.

TSheets ($20 base fee + $8 per user/per month)

TSheets is a robust web-based and mobile time tracking and employee scheduling app, and a 501 Commons favorite. Track time on any device, streamlined payroll and invoicing, QuickBooks integration, scheduling, real-time reports, live customer support.

Harvest ($12 per user/per month)

Time tracking made simple, incorporated into your team’s workflow. Apps and integrations that let the user track time from existing tools and applications. Seamless invoicing. Also available is Forecast, a sister app that allows for scheduling into the future while sharing reporting data back to Harvest.