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Our Data Dream Team

Posted Jul 15, 2016 03:15 PM
501 Commons' Data Solutions consulting and services team has added new members recently. We are so excited about them that we want to introduce the full team to you. They are quite possibly the most credentialed data and database consulting team ever. Smart and nonprofit-savvy. They are here to help.

We are excited to re-introduce you to our Data Solutions team. Over the past six months many of our clients have already benefited from working with this smart, can-do crew. As we have grown we have sought out people who not only know data and databases, but are also deeply committed to nonprofits. With two MSWs, an MPA, and a PhD—plus a metric ton of data nerd know-how, this group has become a data “dream team.”

We’re expanding our services to ensure that nonprofits have the best data solutions to fit their needs and thrive. Of course we will continue to provide database strategy, design, and implementation consulting as well as ongoing support for Salesforce databases (including cost-effective Salesforce Admin support).
  • Michael Horn. Data Solutions Program Manager. Leader of this collective with over twenty years in the nonprofit data trenches. Sailboat racer. Learn more about Michael.
  • Crystal Cheairs. Database Consultant & Technology Volunteering Program Manager. Accidental techie turned pro with over eight years in database administration. Solar generator builder. Learn more about Crystal.
  • Rebecca Roy. Database Consultant. Data wonk with secret Excel wizardry superpowers. USPS torch-bearer. Learn more about Rebecca.
  • Zach Nostdal. Database Consultant. Peace Corps alum and administrator of the most complex database we know (our own). Cyclist s’more maker. Learn more about Zach.
  • Robert Stumberger. Client Engagement Manager. Former extreme Service Corps member with deep roots in technology and engineering. Adventurous fugu taster. Learn more about Robert.
  • Megan Moorehead. Program Support Specialist. Process savant and the wind beneath Tech Services’ wings. Board game aficionado. Learn more about Megan.

It goes without saying, but we'll say it anyway: if we can help you with anything data-related, please give us a call at 206-682-6704 or fill out our Request for Assistance Form.