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Our Data Pros Can Help You Understand and Tell Your Story

Posted Aug 11, 2022 02:45 PM
Famous statistician, professor, and author W. Edwards Deming wrote: "In God we trust. All others must bring data." We can help you bring the data!

501 Commons is welcoming three consultants to our growing Data Solutions team and Salesforce practice, all of whom are highly qualified and experienced with Salesforce and the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP).

Our Data Solutions team worked with 36 nonprofits last year. Jeff Henderson from Kidsave International had this story to share about working with 501 Commons: "In 2021, Kidsave International recognized the need to upgrade the was determined that the Salesforce NPSP (Nonprofit Success Pack) would serve our needs, but the staff lacked the expertise needed to successfully implement it."

Kidsave solicited bids and got their list down to two candidates. Jeff explains, "One of them was 501 Commons. Like Kidsave, they were a a nonprofit, they could offer a lower hourly rate, which was a consideration. But when you want to transform the way your organization operates, cost is secondary. For Kidsave, the primary consideration was the ability to perform and our dialogue with the 501 Commons team convinced us that they could deliver."

"Kidsave initially committed to a 60 hours of discovery engagement. During that time lead analyst Jason Best demonstrated an impressive breadth of knowledge, along with the ability to apply it to the challenges we face. He excels at identifying and clarifying issues and communicates effectively with both technical and non-technical personnel. Working with Jason and Jim Pullen, who managed the project, convinced our team that 501 Commons was the partner that we’d been looking for," Jeff says.

As of now, they are currently about one-third of the way through this project. Jeff is "confident that the work we are doing with 501 Commons today will help us fulfill our commitment to families and children for many years to come."

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