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Paths Forward for Financially Stressed Organizations

Posted Oct 27, 2020 02:55 PM
Most organizations are experiencing some level of financial stress. Even those receiving additional direct service funds may find that having a growing program is stretching administrative staff and operating systems.

Additionally, many nonprofits are delivering services in a way they did not envision a year ago. Is it time to consider making changes to your services or business model? Could partnerships, back-office consolidation, or a merger preserve or reinvigorate your mission?

Join us for this two-part series created in collaboration with Jan Glick, who wrote Nonprofit Turnaround: A Guide for Non-Profit Leaders, Consultants, and Funders and has consulted extensively with nonprofits considering restructuring and organizational change.

Paths Forward for Financially Stressed Nonprofits
Tuesday, Jan. 26 | 2:00 to 3:30 p.m. | Online

Disruption to programs and pressure on staff may motivate organizations to look for ways to change their business model, partner with other organizations, or adjust programming to better match their mission. Learn about approaches that help you focus and strengthen your organization’s mission in the face of COVID and the economic downturn.

Jan will be joined by Julleen Snyder, CPA, CGMA (Partner at Jacobson Jarvis) and 501 Commons leadership, Kerry Kozuki (director of Management Consulting & Services) and Nancy Long (executive director).

Paths Forward – Consolidations and Mergers
Tuesday, Feb. 23 | 10:00 to 11:30 a.m. | Online

Jan, who has experience facilitating 32 nonprofit partnerships and mergers, explores common myths about consolidations and discusses the potential benefits. Jan will share information on the process, timeline, and phases common to mergers. Learn from four panelists who bring experience with nonprofit consolidations and mergers:

  • Mary Yglesia former executive director of Seattle Midwifery School, which merged into Bastyr University
  • David Johnson former CEO of Navos
  • Sheila Edwards Lange President of Seattle Central College, whose foundation was part of a multi-party merger
  • Nancy Long executive director of 501 Commons who oversaw the acquisition of several programs by 501 Commons and helped facilitate mergers of healthcare organizations