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Pathways: Slow Down and Take a Look at the Big Picture

Posted Sep 19, 2019 01:29 PM
Life comes at you fast, especially for a busy nonprofit! We have two exciting opportunities for you to slow down and look at your organization from a big picture perspective.
  1. Take our FREE Five Elements of a Healthy Nonprofit Self-Assessment on your own (or together as a team), or
  2. Participate in our affordable Pathways program to receive guided help from two expert consultants
Lopez Island Family Resource Center (LIFRC) participated in Pathways in 2018 and has seen positive growth in both their organizational practices and the services they provide.

“[Pathways] has helped us grow immensely as an organization, particularly with human resources, technology, and board development because we are a small organization that does not have dedicated staff for these,” says Barbara Schultheiss, LIFRC’s executive director.

Since 1997, LIFRC has served their community by providing resources, guidance, wellness services, and community-building advocacy work that ensures LI’s residents have their basic needs met. LIFRC’s staff focuses their work on producing high-quality services, making it easy to put important organizational tasks on the back burner. 501 Commons’ Pathways consultants helped Barbara and her team draw a roadmap that will take them to greater heights for years to come.

“Life in a small nonprofit can be chaotic, juggling many hats and responsibilities often leaving you with this nagging feeling about the things you should be doing but haven’t had time to. The self-assessment and guidance from Nan and Meri were so valuable providing a framework to organize, prioritize and provide a clear picture of what directions to head in,” Barbara says.

Thanks to the Satterberg Foundation, you can benefit from a consultation process valued at $4,000 for only $1,200 (further financial assistance may be available). Ready to get started? Contact Jan Burrell at today.