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Pinpoint Your Organization's Priorities with Our Free Assessment

Posted Nov 26, 2018 12:45 PM
Unsure what to focus on in 2019? Take our free Five Elements of a Healthy Nonprofit Self-Assessment survey to find out!

This organizational assessment doesn’t cost a single penny and it is designed for nonprofits. The survey works best when 3-5 key people at your organization review and discuss the standards in the assessment and decide on your current level of performance for each standard.

Kids painting at Lopez Island Family Resource Center.
The standards cover areas of operations such as finances, technology, fundraising, leadership, communications, boards, work culture, management, and relationships. After discussing the assessment and entering the scores into the online portal, you receive detailed results that provide you with a roadmap for improving your organization’s operations, managing risks, and building capacity.

After your results are entered, you receive specific recommendations for how you can improve your scores.

Dive deeper into the assessment by receiving a Pathways consultation. Pathways is a short consultation process that accompanies the assessment. Pathways helps organizations bring areas for improvement into focus.

Barbara Gurley, executive director of
Lopez Island Family Resource Center, says Pathways "has been such a valuable process for us – helping us organize and focus our efforts to grow stronger. It's all very exciting!"