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Plan IT: Make Technology Your Ally

Posted Mar 04, 2024 03:38 PM
Technology is foundational to helping nonprofits raise money, improve their productivity, measure program effectiveness, and communicate. Our newly revamped Plan IT program can empower you to make technology a more reliable partner in achieving your mission.

Plan IT is a long-term consultation process (2-6 months, depending on project size) where our tech experts will help you evaluate your current technology usage, determine “key issues,” and develop an action plan to address those issues.

Unlike in past years, Plan IT is available on-demand. We encourage you to learn more about the program, talk to your executive and board members about it, and start a conversation with us to figure out which pricing plan is right for you. This deep consultant project is valued at $12,600, but you can access the program at nonprofit-friendly rates!

Download the program guide to get a detailed breakdown of what Plan IT has to offer.

Contact Kai Dailey at with your questions.