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Plymouth Housing Group: HR Trainings for Managers

Posted Mar 02, 2016 11:10 AM
Plymouth Housing Group’s mission of securing permanent and supportive homes for homeless adults, combined with their wide array of wrap-around services, means they rely heavily on their managers' wisdom and compassion. PHG approached us to seek ways they can better support their managers, so we designed for them a series of 12 HR manager trainings to help bring their staff leaders and employees closer together.

501 Commons designed a series of monthly trainings for managers in order to meet the needs of Plymouth Housing Group (PHG).

Since 1980 PHG has been securing permanent and supportive homes for homeless adults. PHG manages 13 apartment buildings in the city, serving more than 1,000 adults. Combined with wrap-around services in mental health, counseling, employment, and healthcare referrals, Plymouth’s wide array of programs means they rely heavily on the wisdom and compassion of their managers.

To make sure these managers can support their teams to the best of their abilities, PHG came to 501 Commons for a series of 12 manager trainings.

“At Plymouth Housing Group, we have hiring managers at many different levels of our organization. Providing effective training is important in supporting our managers to have the tools to function at a high level,” says Marilyn Mitchell, PHG’s Social Services Program Manager. “PHG reached out to 501 Commons to get a deeper grasp of certain areas that hiring managers would need to utilize in their position,” she says.

The topics covered in the monthly trainings included the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), employee retention, orienting new employees, interviewing job candidates, performance management, and others. For Rochelle Moore, PHG’s Shelter Plus Care Program Manager, the biggest change she’s noticed among her peers is a stronger sense of personal accountability from all levels.

“Since starting the Manager’s Training series, the most profound change I noticed was in managers feeling equipped to think about their own development and that of their staff,” Rochelle says.

Both Rochelle and Marilyn found incredible benefits from learning how to hold employees accountable while not hurting their confidence in being able to do their jobs. Marilyn gives credit to 501 Commons’ HR trainers for leading valuable discussions on how to balance that fine line.

“The year-long training series by 501 Commons, in essence, helped me identify areas of my management style that I could grow in,” Marilyn says. “And [it] provided me with tools that I will be able to carry with me going forward.”

Does your organization need specialized training? Find out more about our Human Resources Services and how we can tailor a training series to fit your organization’s needs.

Photo courtesy of Plymouth Housing Group.