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Policy Governance: Strengthening Your Partnership with Your Board

Posted Jul 20, 2015 02:45 PM
"Policy Governance" is a tool that ensures a nonprofit's board, executive director, and staff understand their roles in advancing the organization's mission within a clearly articulated framework. As 501 Commons and leaders from Page Ahead Children's Literacy Program and ArtsWest can attest, adopting PG's principles can be crucial to a nonprofit's success.

The relationship between a nonprofit’s staff and board is crucial to the success of its mission. But many organizations lack clearly delineated roles and frameworks for how the board, executive director, and staff should work together.

Policy Governance® is a tool that focuses the board’s work on what the community needs and what organizational steps must be taken to achieve desirable outcomes on behalf of this community. At the core of Policy Governance is how clearly the board understands its role in relation to the executive director, the staff, and the organization’s mission.

There is an opportunity for nonprofit leaders to learn more about these ideas at “Responsible and Accountable Governance: Policy Governance as a pathway for success” on July 31 from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at Pacific Tower.

Implementing these ideas can reap benefits for years to come. Susan Dibble, executive director of Page Ahead Children’s Literacy Program, can vouch for how important PG principles have been to her organization.

“Policy Governance sets clear boundaries for boards and staff – boards are focused on the ends to be achieved and staff works on the means to achieve those ends,” Susan says. “It provides a framework to operate and gives both parties role clarity from which to work.”

Laura Lee, managing director of ArtsWest, says she looks forward to the positive changes the PG model will have on her leadership team.

“We are so energized and excited by this path, as this model gives us the ability to make responsible, timely, forward-thinking decisions and to implement these choices when they need to be implemented,” Laura says.

“We can do the job that we were hired to do in a process that allows for creativity and growth,” she says.

Read further about the Policy Governance Model. Register today for our important PG event led by Robert Ballantyne and Sherry Jennings.