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Reduce Time on "Depleting" Activities to Prevent Leadership Burnout

Posted Oct 12, 2022 02:55 PM
As we move to address the various challenges brought upon by the pandemic and related economic burdens, let's take this as an opportunity to rethink how we run our organizations from the top to the bottom.

In a Daring to Lead study titled "Executive Well-being," executives reported that program management, working with partners and individual donors, and advocacy were energizing activities that increased their satisfaction with their job and personal happiness. What activities did they report depleted them? HR, technology, and financial management - no surprise, right?

The draining aspects of these responsibilities hits the hardest on the 90% of nonprofits with fewer than 25 employees. These organizations are less likely to have dedicated staff with expertise in HR, IT, data, or finances.

We see how organizations of all sizes using our HR, IT, finance, and database services can thrive and grow when their executives and key staff members focus on the energizing activities that best match their skills. So, let our team members - who love these disciplines - do this work for them!

Let's shift away from the "mini-corporation" model that most organizations can never fully achieve. Nonprofits need affordable access to professional services through contracted sustained support or fiscal sponsorship.

What are the benefits of broader access to professional services?

  • Executives and their employees benefit when HR professionals are creating fair, inclusive, and legally-compliant workplaces and IT pros are ensuring access to stable and secure technology.
  • Board members and funders benefit when the organization has accurate financials and reliable data on program impact.
  • We all benefit when leaders and employees can focus on what they do best and feel fulfilled - not depleted - by their jobs.

Consider how 501 Commons' sustained support services can benefit your organization.