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From Mild-Mannered Database User to Salesforce Superhero in No Time!

Posted Jul 08, 2024 02:42 PM
Whether you’re still tracking constituent data in disconnected (and unsecured!) Excel spreadsheets or if you feel like your database needs a “deep clean,” we’re here to help!

501 Commons’ Data Solutions team is comprised of Salesforce experts who can help you get a fully functioning database up and running in a short amount of time. Or, if you already have Salesforce but need help getting the most out of it, we can help you build out the functionalities necessary to better track your donors, volunteers, program clients, and business operations.

When you contract out with us, you’ll get a committed partner who both knows Salesforce in and out and understands the unique needs of nonprofits.

“We started the search for a contractor that could help us transition to using Salesforce. 501 Commons was recommended by a staff member who had worked with them at another organization,” says Kristina Szczyrbak, deputy director at ANEW.

“From our first meeting to the launch of our first program’s platform, the team at 501 Commons was incredibly easy to work with. They understand nonprofits and the arduous data we need to capture. Because they’re experts, they often knew what to include in our system even if we hadn’t thought of it yet,” she says.

If you’re looking for long-term Salesforce maintenance and support, implementing a short-term project, or something more advanced, let us know! Fill out a Request for Assistance and we’ll be in touch shortly.