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Techtacular Was Spectacular!

Posted May 04, 2015 12:40 PM
Thank you to one and all who attended our 5th annual Techtacular celebration of the power of technology to transform nonprofits. It was a fun and inspiring evening of networking for nonprofits, technology executives ... and a few robots.

Most people agree: it wasn't your typical fundraiser. Steampunk costumes, a brass street band, and t-shirt shooting robots were just part of the fun and inspiration guests experienced at our 5th annual Techtacular fundraiser for 501 Commons.

The theme of this year’s event was STEMpunk – mixing the Victorian nostalgia of the Steampunk genre with robots from Washington FIRST Robotics, a 501 Commons client. WA FIRST Robotics is helping kids get a dose of STEM - science, technology, engineering, and math – education in order to increase their enthusiasm for math and science and interest in STEM careers.

Erin McCallum, President of Washington FIRST Robotics, told the audience of a dramatic technology makeover the organization is undergoing with the help of 501 Commons and Microsoft. "I can't say enough about the team of 501 Commons technology experts who are my advocates and allies. I have someone to help me think through the future and how we’ll get there."

501 Commons Executive Director Nancy Long and industry CIOs Dale Christian and Kyle Quinn issued a challenge to the tech sector to help mend the widening gap in technology tools and systems that nonprofits have compared to the business sector.

"The major reason there is such a gap between the for-profit and nonprofit sector is that foundations and government refuse to pay for technology while still requiring complex reporting, high productivity and professionalism," said Kyle.

"Through product donations, engagement of your staff as skilled volunteers and advisors, funding and influence on government and philanthropy you can bring the nonprofit sector the tools and expertise they need to build a better world," said Nancy.

Dale recognized the generosity of Microsoft and other tech companies - including the many companies who sponsored Techtacular - who are partnering with nonprofits and their communities.

Visit our Facebook page to see more photos from Techtacular. We would like to thank our generous sponsors for making Techtacular possible: