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The Snow Has Finally Melted, But Are You Ready for Next Time?

Posted Feb 26, 2019 10:25 AM
As #Snowpocalypse2019 taught us, all nonprofits should have an emergency plan that guides your organization through a two-week snowstorm, a shutdown of your building, or an earthquake.

While everyone would agree with this statement, most do not have a plan that's thorough and up-to-date. If you are waiting for "tomorrow" to work on this plan, you are truly tempting fate.

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Prepare/Respond/Serve (PRS) program. A consultant will help you craft an emergency plan that covers all the “what-ifs,” especially ones we don't want to think about. The snow we recently experienced caused disruptions or decreases in services for many hungry or unsheltered people. It is especially important that organizations working with kids or vulnerable people to ensure that they are adequately prepared for an emergency or unusual weather event.

Contact to get started. When an emergency strikes, you’ll be glad you took action!