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Update on Federal and Local Overtime Rule Changes

Posted Oct 08, 2018 08:35 AM
The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) is currently gathering feedback about changes to overtime compensation rules and the WA State Department of Labor and Industries is looking to change the overtime rules that apply to Executive, Administrative, and Professional (EAP) employee categories.

If you will recall, in 2016 the Obama administration proposed increasing the exempt salary threshold to $47,476 from the 2004 level of $23,660. The rule change was blocked by a federal district court in Texas, effectively putting this issue on hold. But now, the current administration is seeking input on a rule that will likely go into effect in 2020.

See SHRM’s take on the situation. While it’s likely the exempt threshold will rise, the question is by how much. This change could mean your organization would be required to pay overtime to additional employees including those categorized as a manager.

Locally, Washington State’s Department of Labor and Industries is engaging in similar efforts to
update the overtime rules for WA employers.

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