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Vietnamese Friendship Association: Looking Ahead to a Changing Community

Posted Jul 06, 2018 02:05 PM
For 40 years, Vietnamese Friendship Association has proudly served the Vietnamese and refugee populations in South Seattle. The organization originally sought to help resettle refugees affected by the Vietnam War. As time has gone on, VFA shifted toward supporting education, economic self-sufficiency, and leadership development programs.

Now in its fourth decade, the board decided it was time to pave the road to the next decade.

Vietnamese Friendship Association has completed 12 projects with 501 Commons, and they reached out again to get a consultant to facilitate a strategic planning board retreat.

“Our biggest takeaway was transitioning away from being a working board toward becoming a strategic one,” says VFA executive director James Hong. “Demographic changes have led us to pursue a new identity. We’ve matured our processes over the years in areas like HR and technology, and now we’re adopting the principles of Policy Governance®.”

Staff members at 501 Commons love working with organizations like VFA that we've come to know so well. James says: “501 Commons offers patience and flexibility and thoughtfulness to make sure the consultant we work with will be the right fit.”

What projects have you been keeping on the back burner? Take action now to get them done before the year slips by. We provide an array of management consulting services in areas like strategic planning, board governance, emergency planning, and retreat facilitation  - all available on a sliding fee staff climate surveys, executive evaluation, and volunteer management. James knew that 501 Commons has access to an expansive pool of experienced management consultants, available on a sliding fee scale.

We’ve worked with VFA many times over the years, including providing an HR audit, improving their volunteer management practices through VMC, and equipping their board with methods for evaluating the executive.

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