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VIP Management Corps: Not Your Typical Volunteer Opportunity

Posted Jul 15, 2015 01:40 PM
We are looking for volunteers to join the VIP Management Corps as part of the upcoming 2015/2016 cohort. VIP Management Corps is a partnership between 501 Commons and the United Way of King County that helps nonprofits improve their volunteer engagement. We're seeking volunteers with people skills, leadership experience, and a commitment to volunteerism.

For many nonprofits, volunteers are the backbone of their organization. But many smaller and mid-sized nonprofits lack the resources necessary to effectively engage these important ambassadors of their mission.

This is where you come in! 501 Commons is looking for volunteers to join the VIP Management Corps program as part of our upcoming 2015/2016 cohort. The VIP management Corps is a partnership between 501 Commons and United Way of King County that aims to help nonprofits recruit and more effectively engage volunteers.

Whether you’re a recent grad looking to jump start your career, a seasoned professional looking to get further involved in the nonprofit sector, or someone who wants to continue your career with a reduced time commitment, serving as a part-time volunteer manager is a rewarding opportunity.

Each volunteer is paired with a local nonprofit to provide support for volunteer-related planning and implementation projects. VMC Members work about 10 hours per week from mid-October 2015 - May 2016. As a VMC Member, you will receive:

  • Training in volunteer management, project planning, and project management
  • Increase familiarity with volunteer management
  • Experience working in a key role with a nonprofit organization
  • Opportunities to collaborate with a diverse team of peers
  • Ongoing support from 501 Commons staff and an advisor throughout the program
  • The ability to earn internship credit
  • A United Way of King County service award worth $800
We are seeking VIP Management Corps members with good people skills, strong attention to details, ability to use Microsoft Office software, some experience using databases, and a commitment to volunteerism. Those who have a lot of volunteer experience, have supervised staff or volunteers, or have experience working at a nonprofit, are encouraged to apply. Those with experience in human resources or project management will also be a good fit for this program.

501 Commons seek to recruit persons of diverse backgrounds and is committed to providing an inclusive environment that fully utilizes the talents of all people to achieve the program’s mission. We particularly encourage veterans, people of color, people with disabilities, and people with immigrant backgrounds to apply.

To apply or to learn more about becoming a VMC Member, please visit here or contact The deadline to apply is Aug. 7, 2015 at 5 p.m.