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Volunteers Can Play a Role in Healing Our Communities

Posted Jun 16, 2020 04:50 PM
As our country deals with COVID-19, shutdowns, the economic downturn, and racial injustice, people are feeling energized to give back to their communities in any way they can. Sometimes this means working on tasks remotely. In other cases, volunteers can be engaged in-person with adequate provisions for social distancing, screening, and cleaning.

Step up and empower volunteers to create the kind of world we all want to live in! Learn two ways how you can improve the way you recruit, engage, and retain volunteers.

Volunteer Navigator program

Partner with us to receive one-on-one coaching and guidance to improving your relationship with volunteers. Stephanie Heffner, our Volunteer Initiatives Manager and lead volunteer management trainer, will work with you to boost your volunteer program’s effectiveness so the people who donate their time can become a closer ally of your mission.

She provides an outside perspective and can help you with planning tasks that you don’t have the time to prioritize. After assessing your volunteer engagement practices according to industry standards, you’ll receive personalized recommendations and assistance in developing tools and processes for fully harnessing the time and talents of the very people who are passionate about what you do.

Lots of people are feeling energized and anxious to help. Don’t waste this opportunity! Please contact Stephanie Heffner at for more information

Life Cycle of Effective Volunteer Management Webinar Series

If one-on-one coaching isn’t something you have the capacity to handle, register for this 3-part webinar series instead!

Starting on Aug. 4, Stephanie will guide you through the critical components of setting a volunteer program up for success and provide resources for future development. Attend one session for a mini boost to your volunteer program, or all three for maximum impact. This online workshop is delivered in partnership with Serve Washington and with support from the Volunteer Generation Fund. All webinars are from 9:00 a.m. to noon.

Session 1: Volunteer Management Strategy (Aug. 4)
Effective volunteer engagement begins with a strong volunteer management strategy.

Session 2: Effective Volunteer Recruitment (Aug. 11)
Discover tools for developing volunteer position descriptions, how to recruit for opportunities through effective targeted marketing, and ways to engage volunteers virtually.

Session 3: Volunteer Engagement (Aug. 18)
Explore supervising for success, recognition approaches that don’t require a huge budget, and evaluating your volunteer program.