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We Can Help You Strengthen Your Volunteer Management Practices

Posted Jun 19, 2017 08:37 AM
Your volunteers can reap benefits for your organization far beyond the time and talent they already provide. Committed volunteers may also become major donors, expert consultants, project leads, board members, and public advocates if proper time is spent cultivating these relationships.

Volunteer management is more than just giving tasks and overseeing the work done by volunteers. It’s an intentional approach that values relationship-building, strategy, and long-term planning in building a volunteer base that enhances your capabilities to do more good.

Thanks to the Satterberg Foundation and Volunteer Generation Fund, 501 Commons is able to provide heavily discounted consulting services to nonprofits that would like to strengthen their volunteer management practices. Funds for free or discounted services are limited so take action now!

You can take advantage of our well-proven model that helps nonprofits assess their internal volunteer management efforts, identify opportunities for improvement, and create actionable plans that shift how high-value volunteers are recruited, engaged, and retained. Or, you can work with our staff to customize a project specific to the unique needs of your organization.

Seattle Goodwill took advantage of 501 Commons' volunteer management expertise and has implemented several changes in the past few years as a result.

“Goodwill has made a tremendous investment in its volunteer program,” says Ingrid Hartsock, Seattle Goodwill’s Community Engagement Manager. “We have invested in additional volunteer program staff, professional development, volunteer training opportunities, leadership involvement, collaborative appreciation efforts, and more.”

Ingrid says Seattle Goodwill has witnessed up-close the tremendous benefits of having engaged volunteers who are loyal to the organization.

“They are our greatest advocates and ambassadors. Volunteers invest valuable resources into our missions, and they create connections and partnerships that organizations couldn’t otherwise develop,” she says. “At Seattle Goodwill, we appreciate the unique perspective that volunteers bring to the table at every level of the organization.”

Just a little time and intention can go a long way toward setting you and your volunteers up for success. Whether your volunteer program could stand a little fine tuning or a complete overhaul, we can provide the objective expertise and support necessary for you to move the needle in a positive direction.

For information on how 501 Commons can be your partner in volunteer management, contact Jan Burrell, or visit our website for best practices and tools.