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We Have Lift-Off!

We often talk with nonprofits about how to better use their website to tell their story. Websites are a key tool in strengthening engagement of donors, volunteers, and partners. With our own website redesign, it was time to take our own advice.  Visit a bit and let us know what you think.

Expanded Resources Means Expanded Website

The 501 Commons’ site is a biggie - nearly 300 pages of information about services, tools and best practices, resources for volunteers, and links to approved nonprofit specialists. It has been a long time coming, but we’re happy to report that we have lift-off!

First launched in January 2011 with the announcement of our name change from Executive Service Corps of Washington to 501 Commons, our website has been the cornerstone of our effort to expand support to nonprofits across the state. Over the last year, nonprofit resources on the site have grown. Plus, we’ve added new services and programs (Human Resources, Tech Consulting and IT Infrastructure, the Leadership Speakers Series, Volunteer Manager Corps, and more).

Ease of Use Was a Major Goal

Ultimately, with our new site, we want to make it easier for you to find resources as well as information about our services and the services of our partners. And we want to make sure it’s clear that you can always call or email if you are having trouble finding something or deciding what you need.

It Takes a Village...

We’ve gotten to work with an extraordinary designer, Mark Root-Wiley, and an amazing website developer, Jesse Snyder, who’s knowledgeable, responsive, and a great teacher. Plus, almost all of our staff lent a hand to make this launch possible. Thanks to everyone involved, the website is now airborne.

Picking Our Favorites

Please poke around and explore this new site. And when you do, let us know what you think! In the coming weeks, we’ll be highlighting new features, resources, and services that will help you and your nonprofit make the world a better place.

Leading up to the launch, we asked our staff about their favorite new or redesigned features and here’s what a few had to say:

“I'm most excited that the wealth of resources and nonprofit specialists on our website are easier-than-ever to find! Everything is just a click or two away.” - Matt

“I'm loving the navigation and the overall look. This site helps paint a clear picture for the community, so they can find the resources they need.” - Amanda