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WEBINAR: How to Solve Your Nonprofit's IT Compliance Issues

Posted May 18, 2017 09:15 AM
To protect the public’s safety and privacy, all companies – including nonprofits – must comply with state and federal rules regulating how to secure data and electronic transactions. Mistakes can lead to lawsuits and broken trust. Watch our webinar “How to Solve Your Nonprofit’s IT Compliance Issues” that goes into great depth about how to prevent these mistakes from happening.

It is presented by 501 Commons and Unified Compliance Framework, in partnership with Seattle Tech4Good.

If you are responsible for technology or are the primary operations manager in a nonprofit, this webinar can improve your understanding of:

  • IT regulations and standards
  • “Common Controls” and how to update them
  • How to identify your areas of risk
  • How to demonstrate compliance with regulations
The presenters demonstrate the capabilities of the UCF Common Controls Hub, a tool that can consolidate all your compliance requirements. UCF and 501 Commons can help you manage compliance.

Don’t put your reputation, relationships, and mission at risk!