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Worry Less By Outsourcing More to 501 Commons

Posted Nov 02, 2017 09:25 AM
If you're trying to accomplish more (and who isn't?), consider the benefits of contracting back office functions to 501 Commons.

About 85% of nonprofits are too small to hire full-time professional staff for finance, human resources, and technology. EDs and other managers are often doing administrative tasks they are not trained to do, displacing work that is in their wheelhouse.

For example, an ED recently told us she cut her vacation to Paris short to come home to do payroll! She is now adding payroll services onto the HR and Tech services she already gets from us.

Our 30+ experienced HR, Finance, and Tech professionals want to save you headaches, lost sleep, and curtailed vacations. Rather than assigning the youngest person in the office to manage IT or assuming the ED can do HR, let us provide you with the expertise you need.

You can contract for bookkeeping/accounting, HR (including benefits administration), payroll (available with finance or HR only), IT support, and database administration. Let our experts handle the technical stuff and your staff can focus on mission work. Contracting will help you avoid mistakes that could lead to fines, lawsuits, staff turnover, technology crashes, or security breaches.

Consider HR - an organization generally needs a full-time human resources professional at 50 staff members. If you have 15 employees, how are you going to hire a .3 of an HR professional?

Read this article in Blue Avocado about the of pay-off from outsourcing bookkeeping. The same could be said for many other services. Also remember that we're a nonprofit as well! When you purchase our services, you're also supporting other nonprofits receiving discounted services too. Intrigued? Take a look at our services and start a conversation with us as you prepare your 2018 budget.