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Get Creative With Employee Benefits

August 28, 2019 Human Resources
In today’s competitive job market, it is crucial for mission-based organizations to get creative when it comes to employee compensation – especially for nonprofits competing with large for-profit companies that have the ability to pay their employees more.

Take the Guesswork Out of Your Bookkeeping

August 27, 2019 Finance
Nonprofit accounting brings unique challenges, rules, and reporting requirements that for-profit companies don’t have to deal with. If anything is confusing you or causing you to lose sleep at night, partner with us and we can guide your way to better bookkeeping practices.

What You Need to Know about Salesforce’s Spring ’15 Release

February 23, 2015
The Spring '15 Release is now available in all Salesforce accounts and this release comes with some great additions to the Salesforce experience. Some of the highlights includes being able to subscribe to reports, receive alerts of duplications, a new feature called "Lightning Process Builder," better mobile support for dashboards, Chatter posts being bundles, syncing Salesforce files to your desktop, and more.

SURVEY: Funders want to know how you build your leadership skills

February 11, 2015
A group of Washington state funders is interested in knowing what resources and programs are currently used and valued by nonprofit and community leaders and what gaps need to be addressed. They have hired CompassPoint Nonprofit Services to conduct a survey and to do interviews. Please give them your feedback by Feb. 26.

Many Lights Foundation: Helping Many Lights Shine the Brightest

February 6, 2015
Many Lights Foundation (MLF) is dedicated to providing children in foster care with elders, adoptive families, and kinship caregivers to help their lights shine the brightest. When they decided to enlist the help of 501 Commons' Management Consulting Services, they knew they were putting their board of directors on a strong path toward becoming champions of these vulnerable children.

What's On Your Tech Wish List?

February 2, 2015
According to a survey produced by 501 Commons and Deloitte Consulting, many nonprofits lack the funding, expertise, and access to basic technology infrastructure and technology tools that would increase staff productivity, reduce crises, and expand their reach.

Babies, Awards, and Mario Andretti

January 23, 2015
2014 was another year of change and growth at 501 Commons. We have been getting to know lots of new staff members, with our ranks growing to 37. With two board members and six team members welcoming new additions to their households, we have also been celebrating the expanding ranks of our extended staff family.

Puget Sound Christian Clinic: A Much Needed Technology Checkup

December 29, 2014
Puget Sound Christian Clinic knew their IT system needed a checkup. This inspired them to enroll in Deep Dive, a technology-focused cohort program that seeks to help nonprofits maximize their use of technology. They now have a broader understanding of how to use technology and maintain their system for the long haul.

We're Finally Home in Pacific Tower

December 26, 2014
We're here! After months upon months of careful planning, 501 Commons has finally moved into the 11th floor of Pacific Tower on north Beacon Hill. We are grateful and thrilled for the opportunities this move will provide us and our nonprofit community.

Good News for Education Nonprofits Around the State

December 15, 2014
For nonprofits with a mission based in education, there are several capacity building services available to you, including United Way's VIP 360 program, funding for additional training/consultation, and more.