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How to Develop an Online Presence for Your Nonprofit

September 8, 2020 Technology
Our growing reliance on the Internet means developing an online presence has quickly become a substantial part of an effective marketing strategy. Your nonprofit's website is the foundation of your organization’s entire online presence. While you may have social media accounts and external site referrals, all of this outreach stems from your website.

We Can Help You Get Through Tough Times

September 3, 2020 501 Commons News
If you’ve had to recently reduce staff, 501 Commons is here to help you push through these tough times and — hopefully — emerge on the other side stronger than before. Let’s start a conversation about how we can “fill the gaps” in key areas that may be getting pushed to the back burner or given to staff who are already too busy.

Helpful Resources: Anti-Racism Reading List

August 18, 2020 Diversity & Equity
Combatting racism requires knowledge about experiences, systems, policies, and social attitudes you may not be aware of. Take a look at this recommended reading list of anti-racism essays, books, podcasts, and videos that will educate you on the role you can play in cultivating a more equitable society.

Make Room in Your Budget for 501 Commons!

July 27, 2015
We may be only half way done with 2015, but many nonprofits are now starting to figure out their budgets for 2016. We ask that you consider making room in your budgets for staff and leadership development and organizational improvement, as 501 Commons offers trainings, events, and direct services in these areas.

Policy Governance: Strengthening Your Partnership with Your Board

July 20, 2015
"Policy Governance" is a tool that ensures a nonprofit's board, executive director, and staff understand their roles in advancing the organization's mission within a clearly articulated framework. As 501 Commons and leaders from Page Ahead Children's Literacy Program and ArtsWest can attest, adopting PG's principles can be crucial to a nonprofit's success.

10 Benefits of Policy Governance®

July 20, 2015
501 Commons has used the Policy Governance approach to our board for a decade. We believe this approach is well-designed, holistic, and logically approaches how a board should relate to a nonprofit's executive director and staff. We're sharing with you 10 benefits your organization could experience using Policy Governance.

VIP Management Corps: Not Your Typical Volunteer Opportunity

July 15, 2015
We are looking for volunteers to join the VIP Management Corps as part of the upcoming 2015/2016 cohort. VIP Management Corps is a partnership between 501 Commons and the United Way of King County that helps nonprofits improve their volunteer engagement. We're seeking volunteers with people skills, leadership experience, and a commitment to volunteerism.

Enjoy Summer in Seattle at 501 Connects

July 10, 2015
Join us for a little summer fun at the next 501 Connects on Tuesday, July 14 from 4:00 - 6:00 p.m. at Pacific Tower. Service corps members, Resource Directory service providers and 501 Commons staff are invited to enjoy the amazing views, refreshments, fun activities, and casual networking opportunities.

Need Help? We Have an App for That!

June 26, 2015
Just as our clients at 501 Commons are diverse in their work, 501 Commons also offers a diverse array of services for these nonprofits - including consulting, referrals to nonprofit experts, training events, direct services, cohort programs, space for meetings/conferences, and more.

Let Catalyst Spark Your Fundraising

June 17, 2015
We are actively searching for nonprofits to participate in Catalyst, a cohort program that will equip you with the tools you need to improve your fundraising. The deadline to apply is July 19, so apply today as spots in this collaborative program are filling up fast!

Catalyst: You Can Help a Nonprofit Ignite Its Fundraising

June 3, 2015
Nonprofits are continually challenged to generate enough revenue to fully fund their missions. This is why we're searching for volunteer consultants to join Catalyst, a cohort program that helps ten nonprofits build a plan for better fundraising. The deadline to apply is July 19.

Helpful Resources: Tools and Ideas for Fundraising

May 29, 2015
Everyone understands the importance of fundraising. Without it, how would nonprofits be able to do their work in our communities? This is why we're sharing these tools and ideas for helping your organization raise more money.

Need Affordable Meeting or Event Space?

May 22, 2015
If you are looking for spaces for board meetings, program gatherings, fundraisers and other important events, consider Pacific Tower. 501 Commons and FareStart are offering four spaces for nonprofits to rent for daytime, evening and weekend events.