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Our Impact

501 Commons affects thousands of lives in our community and beyond

Every year 501 Commons impacts more than a thousand nonprofits in the Pacific Northwest and beyond – whether it’s through providing back office support for their staff, consulting on a major project, a training workshop, or free information and referral services.

The stories of our impact on these organizations speak to the importance of expertise, capacity building, and leadership development in our sector. Read about how these nonprofits – some you might be familiar with, others you might not – improved their ability to serve their missions and paved the way for future success. See the impact a donation to 501 Commons can make on countless lives in our region.

Stories of Our Success

Soundview SchoolOur IT consultants worked closely with Soundview School to complete important projects such as mapping out their network system, updating and transferring information to a new server, backing up critical data, setting up their Internet-based phone systems, and making sure their computer lab, Wi-Fi networks, and student web filters are up to speed before each school year begins. Having a more stable technology environment allows them to better educate and equip their students to become innovative thinkers, ethical citizens, and compassionate leaders.

Denise Louie Education CenterSince 1978, the Denise Louie Education Center has provided high-quality multicultural early learning and family support services to Seattle kids. In serving more than 575 children every year, DLEC wanted all their supervisors to operate with the same set of standards, expectations, and knowledge. Our Human Resources team provided a series of supervisor trainings that covered anti-discrimination, ADA compliance, hiring/interviewing, wage/HR law, I9, drug-free and leave of absence policies, company philosophy, violence prevention, sexual harassment, and other topics. They've reported they're now working better together as a unified team and are actively putting into practice what they've learned.

Testimonials from the Springboard and Catalyst Action-Learning Programs

Capacity building isn’t something you can do overnight or plan for in a few hours. That’s why we offer five distinct action-learning programs where we gather a group of nonprofits to work together to improve in areas such as volunteer management, technology planning, arts administration, HR practices, and fundraising.

Watch these videos from the “graduation” gatherings where participants share their biggest takeaways from participating in these learning groups.

Serving the Needs of the Sector

Our clients range from newly formed nonprofits to more well-established organizations of all budget sizes and missions. We've designed our service offerings – ranging from training workshops to consulting projects to operational support services – to fit within the framework of the Five Elements of a Healthy Nonprofit.

Nonprofits are able to function at their best when they are strong in all five areas. We seek to build upon the strengths of each organization, respect their unique culture, and work closely with them to build a solid foundation that enables them to excel.

Here's a sample of the feedback we've received from some of these nonprofits over the years:

"We had a very successful collaboration. Our consultant had excellent content expertise and assisted us in achieving our goals in a timely fashion. She didn't just provide one way, but provided many options that we could tailor to the needs of our organization. We feel like we've cultivated a long-term professional relationship that we can fall back on should we need further assistance in the future." – Foundation for Health Care Quality, on our HR Services
"What I love about 501 Commons workshops is that they are available to anyone. I think that if more people from immigrant and refugee communities, Communities of Color, low income communities, and the disability community knew about 501 Commons workshops, they could use them as building blocks just as I have." – Attendee of our training workshops
"I just want to give a huge thank you to 501 Commons for helping us put this tech plan together. We could not have done it by ourselves. With your help, we came up with a great approach for achieving our tech goals. This tool is already being implemented. It's not something that will sit on the shelf. It's already starting to create more efficiency within our organization." – Environmental Science Center, on participating in Plan IT