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Our Wish List

Wish list of donations

There are many ways you can support 501 Commons in addition to providing a financial gift. Like other nonprofit organizations, we welcome new equipment, supplies, and technology that can help us operate more effectively and efficiently.

Do you have items, or work at a company that regularly donates items to nonprofits, that are not on this list? Contact us at and we will let you know whether we can use your donated item!

Below is a suggestion of items we could use right away. Please coordinate the donation of these items by sending an email to

  • Meeting OWL video conferencing phone
  • Small round table (excellent condition)
  • Standing desks or standing desk converter (sits on top of a desk)
  • New computers and laptops
  • New tablets
  • New or "near new" unlocked cell phones
  • Noise cancelling earphones
  • Mouse pads
  • Video lighting
  • Artwork
  • Gift cards to restaurants, stores, and online resources (for volunteer recognition)
Please do not send us items without consulting us first. Thank you!