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Plan IT, Techtacular & ZaptheGap

For five years 501 Commons has been raising funds from corporations, foundations and individuals so that we can shine a light on the critical lack of technology resources and expertise in the social sector – a sector we all depend upon to solve some of the toughest problems facing our society and the world.

501 Commons is working in partnership with its corporate and philanthropic partners to close the technology gap that exists between nonprofits and for-profits. Our ZaptheGap campaign encourages companies and philanthropy to provide the software, tools, equipment, expertise, and staff training nonprofits need to serve more people, families, and communities.

The February 2018  join us for Techtacular, the culminating celebration of the 2017-18 Plan IT Program.  Sponsors, donors, Plan IT participating nonprofits and Plan IT volunteers will gather at the Panoramic Center in the historic Pacific Tower, to enjoy one of the best views in Seattle from atop Beacon Hill.

Plan IT, in its fifth year, results in a plan for improving an organization's use of technology.  The Plan IT process starts with a technology assessment. Based on the assessment key issues are identified and then an action plan is developed to address those issues,  Skilled volunteer consultants help the organization in the planning process.  As a result of Plan IT over 100 organizations have stabilized their IT and are making greater use of technology.

Thank you to our 2016 Techtacular Sponsors and Volunteer Leadership Team

2016 Techtacular sponsors

Techtacular Volunteer Leadership Team

* Member, 501 Commons Board of Directors
+ Member, 501 Commons Technology Leadership Council

Thank You For Attending Techtacular 2016: ZaptheGap

Thank you to everyone who attended Techtacular 2016: ZaptheGap. Please watch our video showing a montage of tweets produced by our attendees.

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Washington Companies: Fund 501 Commons’ work to help nonprofits serve more people, families, and communities that depend upon their critical services. You will receive outstanding ROI on your company’s philanthropic investment.

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Take a look at our fast-growing roster of sponsors that are underwriting Plan IT, demonstrating their support for improving the quality of life for people, families, and communities across the Puget Sound region and throughout Washington.

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What is ZaptheGap?

ZaptheGap is a campaign to eliminate the gap between the nonprofit and business sectors in accessing technology. Nonprofit organizations would accomplish their critical missions with much greater effectiveness by gaining access to free or discounted hardware, software, training, and support services.

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