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Workplace Giving & Matching

You and your employer can become philanthropic partners

Giving through work is not only easy but many employers provide matching gifts. When you choose 501 Commons you know your support is helping nonprofits across Washington State access services that help them succeed. What a payoff - one gift strengthens hundreds of community organizations!

Workplace Giving

Many employers make it easy for their employees to contribute through payroll deduction. Almost all of these programs put you in the drivers seat and event if certain giving options are promoted during your company's campaign you can give to any federally approved nonprofit. You can support 501 Commons through any of these options:

United Way

Donors contributing to United Way, through payroll deduction, may designate all or a portion of their contributions to 501 Commons rather than making a general gift to United Way. Please note, however, that gifts designated to a nonprofits other than United Way usually incur a processing fee. Refer to the United Way Worldwide website to identify the United Way that serves your community and to learn more about this method of giving.

Federal, State and Local Government Giving Campaigns

If you are government employee you can contribution to 501 Commons through your payroll deduction.

The Washington State Combined Fund Drive is Washington State’s workplace giving program for active and retired public employees. State and higher education employees are invited to give to the charity of their choice through payroll contribution and agency fundraising events. Each agency has different rules, therefore contact your human resources department to learn more about your giving options.

As an example, the King County Employee Giving Program (EGP) allows King County employees to donate to 501 Commons in the following ways. Please refer to the EGP donation website for more information.

  • Vacation and/or compensatory time
  • Payroll deduction (bi-monthly, monthly, annually)
  • Pledge and then pay by personal check, money order, or cashier’s check
  • Contribution in tribute or in memoriam

Employer Matching Gift/Grant

Your employer may complement your donation by offering to make a matching gift or grant that is a fraction of, equal to, or may even exceed the amount of your donation to 501 Commons.

Requesting a matching gift or grant is an easy way for you to increase the impact of your generosity and make more funds available for advancing 501 Commons’ critical mission. Matching grants are typically requested using a digital or paper form, or through a third party contracted by your employer, such as Benevity or FrontStream.