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Strengthen Your Volunteer Engagement Efforts

Receive hands on support to invest in your volunteer program. We are recruiting now for nonprofits to be a part of United Way's Volunteer Impact Partnership (VIP) Volunteer Management Corps program running from March through 2020.

VIP Volunteer Management Corps (VMC), delivered in partnership with 501 Commons, is designed to enhance the ways in which your organization is able to recruit, engage, and retain valuable volunteers. VMC matches nonprofit organizations in King County with a team of skilled volunteer consultants to lead your organization in assessing and addressing critical areas of your volunteer program over the course of four months.

By participating you will:

  • Be matched with two skilled VMC consultants who will volunteer at least 25 total hours each
  • Receive volunteer management training provided by United Way of King County and 501 Commons
  • Assess your current volunteer program and identify two critical areas for improvement
  • Obtain at least two completed projects that add capacity to your volunteer program, such as documenting volunteer job descriptions, designing skills-based volunteer opportunities, streamlining volunteer orientation and training, and increasing volunteer retention
  • Get connected to resources in the community to further boost your volunteer program after the project ends
  • Benefit from approximately 50 hours of skilled consultant work, an in-kind value of $10,000, free of charge to select organizations

The spring 2020 cohort of VMC is made possible free of charge to nonprofits thanks to United Way of King County.

In order to be eligible for the program, organizations must:

  • Be a 501(c)(3) or fiscally sponsored organization
  • Have at least a two-year operating history
  • Have a minimum annual budget of $100,000
  • Have at least two paid full time staff (or the equivalent)
  • Have an active board that meets regularly
  • Be physically located in King County
  • Have a mission or programs related to early childhood, youth development, or education. United Way of King County grantees will be given first consideration. Organizations who do not meet this criteria but have a human services related mission will be considered as space allows
  • Currently engage community members to help deliver services or have a formalized volunteer program
  • Be willing to complete two required projects if admitted—
    1. Create or update United Way of King County account
    2. Plan a group volunteer event (ideally for Day of Caring, September 2020)
  • Be able to provide required data on volunteer engagement both before and after the program
  • Be able to assign a minimum of 2-3 people from your organization to participate on the Volunteer Leadership Team. The Volunteer Leadership team should include:
    • Person responsible for managing volunteers in the organization
    • Person in a leadership position who can make decisions on behalf of the organization
    • Person whose position benefits from volunteers being utilized in the organization (example: program manager)
  • Volunteer Leadership Team must have daytime availability to meet with the consultants. Members of the Volunteer Leadership Team should be able to commit an average of 1-2 hours per week throughout the program (two initial meetings will require 2-3 hours of availability)
  • At least two members of the Volunteer Leadership Team can attend an all-day Volunteer Management Training & VMC Program Launch on March 6, 2020

Space is limited, contact Stephanie Heffner to schedule an interview by January 15th, 2020. All organizations must participate in an interview prior to applying. Formal applications must be received by January 31st, 2020 in order to be considered

Located outside of King County? Don't meet the criteria for this round of VMC? Contact Stephanie Heffner to learn more about other volunteer management support programs coming in 2020.

Previous participants have said:

"Our VMC was a fantastic addition to our team - she was proactive, brought relevant experience, and a new perspective to our program. She worked hard, anticipated challenges many volunteer programs face, and spent time getting to know our organization to better understand where she could support and add value to our work."  ~ Andrea Greenstein, Educurious

"501 Commons was a great partner in our efforts to streamline and improve our volunteer recruitment and management. Many times nonprofits like ours have limited capacity to manage a volunteer program in the most efficient manner and this program allowed us to create some best practices and protocols that will help us to grow our volunteer program overall." ~ Sarah Popelka, Southwest Youth and Family Services

"Prior to participating with VIP Manager Corps, there were many things that our organization was doing in relation to volunteers, but nothing was documented. Now we have a binder full of best practices and protocols specifically for our program. In the case of any staff changes, it will be easy for someone new to quickly gain a complete picture of the current program and not have to start over from scratch with the loss of that institutional knowledge. Additionally, we have specific and measurable goals to use for reporting and to keep the volunteer program moving forward." ~ Erin Davies, Encompass Northwest