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What is the VIP Management Corps?

VMC participants collaborate during a cohort gathering
VMC participants collaborate during a cohort gathering
Volunteer Management Corps helps organizations get some of the tools for effective management of volunteers in place.

By providing hands on help to a short-staffed organization, some of the baseline support can be put in place for the organization to build upon.

Opportunities are available for members of  the 501 Commons Executive Service Corps to serve as coaches to Volunteer Management Corps members who work directly with the organizations.


VMC participants collaborate during a Cohort Gathering

Frequently Asked Questions

What is VIP Management Corps?

The United Way of King County Volunteer Impact Partnership Management Corps, VMC, is a program delivered in partnership with 501 Commons that helps local human services nonprofit organizations develop and sustain effective volunteer engagement programs and practices.

Participating organizations are matched with a VMC Member who provide the boost in staffing needed to help a nonprofit to identify volunteer program needs and implement solutions that develop or enhance the organization’s volunteer program over the long haul.


What can I do as a VMC Member?

As a VIP Management Corps (VMC) Member you will help an organization develop the tools and systems needed to more effectively engage volunteers in the delivery of their mission.

VIP MC process

VMC Members will work with an advisor and host organization to develop a work plan that selects and defines volunteer program improvement projects to be completed during the program. Potential projects a VMC Member might complete with the support of their advisor and host organization  include:

  • Developing a volunteer recruitment plan
  • Preparing a volunteer handbook
  • Designing volunteer position descriptions
  • Planning a volunteer orientation
  • Creating a volunteer recognition plan




Is this position a good fit for me?

For the VMC Member role we are seeking community volunteers with diverse backgrounds and experiences that have strong people skills, the ability to work independently and a commitment to volunteerism.

Candidates typically have experience working in an office environment and should have comfort working both independently and collaboratively and the desire to take initiative to complete projects.

Volunteers who have volunteer management and/or human resources knowledge, project management experience and/or who have significant experience as a community volunteer do particularly well in the VMC Member role.

501 Commons seek to recruit persons of diverse backgrounds and is committed to providing an inclusive environment that fully engages the talents of all people to achieve the program’s mission. We particularly encourage veterans, people of color, people with disabilities, and people with immigrant backgrounds to apply.

If you would like further information on the experience and skills desired for the VMC Member role, please contact Stephanie Heffner at



What is the time commitment?

The next session begins in March of 2019 and continues through the end of June. VMC Members need to have the availability to volunteer about 10 hours per week during standard office hours for the duration of the program.

Please note that VMC Members will need availability during the work day each week. This position may not be a good option if you are currently working full time or expect to begin working full time during the duration of the program.

A weekly schedule will be determined by both the VMC Member and the host organization. VMC Members will attend periodic program events that provide access to training and resources.



What will I gain from the VMC Member role?

Effectively engaging volunteers is essential for nonprofits to meet the needs of the community. However, many nonprofits do not have the internal resources necessary to fully involve volunteers in the support of their mission.Volunteering as a VMC Member provides you the satisfaction of helping an organization to better engage with volunteers in achieving its mission.

In return for service, VMC Members will receive:

  • resources in volunteer management
  • experience collaborating with a nonprofit organization
  • the opportunity to network with peers
  • recognition for helping to increase an organization’s capacity
  • ongoing support throughout the program
  • training in volunteer management, project planning and management
  • the ability to earn internship credit
  • a $400 United Way of King County service award upon the completion of 140 hours.



How are VMC Members matched with organizations?

After interviewing with 501 Commons, applicants will have the opportunity to meet with the 2 - 3 host organizations that they find most interesting. Both candidate and host organization feedback are taken into account when pairing VMC Members with organizations.

Please kindly note that given that there is a maximum number of VMC Member positions per session, we may not be able to match every applicant with an organization.



Where do VMC Members volunteer?

VMC Members volunteer the majority of their time on-site within their host organization, which can be anywhere in King County.  This is to help the VMC Members better understand their host organization’s volunteer program needs and goals.

A weekly schedule will be determined by both the VMC Member and the host organization. Depending on the needs of the host organization there may be an opportunity for the VMC Member to volunteer part of their time off-site.



Which organizations participate in VIP Management Corps?

VIP Management Corps is open to human service organizations located throughout King County. Participating organizations address a wide range of issue areas and serve many different communities.



Where do I apply? Is there an application deadline?

Simply fill out the VMC Member application online in order to be considered for this role. Applications will be accepted until all positions are filled. Please note that space in the program is limited!



Who can I contact with questions or for assistance?

Please contact Stephanie Heffner at with any questions or concerns!