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Become an Encore Fellow

Continue your career by serving our nonprofit sector

Looking to transition your career toward working at a dynamic nonprofit organization that is bettering our community? Encore Fellowships offer you an invigorating, flexible, and fulfilling chance to make a difference in the social purpose sector, gain nonprofit experience, and establish new networks that can lead to a new career.

Encore Fellowships assists professionals seeking to transition their skills to the nonprofit sector. Fellows bring a wide array of transferable expertise and skills in areas such as marketing/communications, information technology, human resources, strategic planning, financial management, and project management. Read this story by NPR and learn the impact that an Encore Fellow has brought to a nonprofit organization.

What Does It Mean to Be an Encore Fellow?

Being an Encore Fellow means applying the skills you already have to a new role as a temporary staff member at a nonprofit. 501 Commons will help you identify an opportunity with a nonprofit and provide guidance and support during your fellowship. Fellows receive a part-time salary and benefits in accordance with what is provided to other employees.

Encore Fellows can expect to:
  • Make a significant contribution to an organization that is serving the community
  • Commit to serving 1,000 hours, typically over a twelve month period
  • Receive a part-time salary of $20,000
  • Learn what it is like to work at a change-making nonprofit organization
  • Establish new contacts and grow personal networks
  • Learn about the nonprofit sector
  • Gain new professional skills
  • Receive support from 501 Commons and a peer group of Encore Fellows
After completing an Encore Fellowship, more than 90 percent of alumni plan to continue their careers in the social sector.

In addition to the regular Encore Fellowships program there are also two specialized programs available:

  • Encore Climate Fellows - This program matches fellows with organizations working to address the challenges of climate change. Skills related to research, public education, partnership development, and public policy or advocacy are pertinent to being an Encore Climate Fellow.
  • Encore Fellowship in Fundraising - Fellows with limited experience with fundraising or applicable skills from the business sector can transition into a career in fundraising and resource development. A background in communications, marketing, sales or business development is particularly relevant. The nonprofit sector has a great need for people with these skills and there is a particular need for people from diverse backgrounds and communities of color to enter the fundraising profession.
Organizations request an Encore Fellow for a wide range of reasons. Some need help implementing a new strategic plan, making an important internal decision, planing a relocation, opening a new facility or starting a pilot program. Others are looking for help executing an ambitious capital campaign or injecting new life into a nonprofit’s fundraising efforts. Many need the talents and experience a fellow can provide to help the organization build up its internal capacity and systems.

Whichever role or project the hosting nonprofit needs, Encore Fellows can be assured they will have the opportunity play an integral role in creating a brighter future for the organization.

How to Become an Encore Fellow

Apply here to become an Encore Fellow. We will get in touch with you after reviewing your application. If we find your experience to be a good match for this program, you will be invited to an interview so we can determine which roles and projects would be a good fit. Qualified applicants will also be encouraged to join our Executive Service Corps as a volunteer consultant so that they can gain experience volunteering in a similar capacity building role if they need to wait for a Fellowship opportunity to become available.

If you have questions about 501 Commons’ Encore Fellowship program, please contact Kerry Kozuki at