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Technology Trainer Position Description

Posted May 20, 2013 11:10 AM

Serve as a Pro Bono Technology Trainer

The volunteer trainer position requires development of visuals to aid their presentation and produce content for a 60-90 minute training with room for discussion and/or questions and answers.


501 Commons is providing free technology workshops throughout the year to nonprofit members across Washington state via webinar, and in the King County area through in-person workshops. We are seeking volunteer trainers to increase the Washington nonprofit sector’s effective use of technology in order to increase community resources and improve program outcomes. These workshops will focus on low-cost, sustainable technology tools and solutions that are easily implemented in the busy nonprofit sector.

501 Commons will be responsible for all event logistics. This includes publicity and communications for the event, locating a venue, providing light refreshments, and printed materials. 501 Commons will also review related content and visuals that will be used by the trainer, distribute evaluations, and provide additional support as needed. If desired, 501 Commons will provide recognition of the volunteer’s business in social media.

501 Commons aims to serve nonprofit by presenting workshops and workshops that meet their current technology needs. Potential topics include:

  • Collaboration and Organizational Tools
  • Database Planning and Management
  • Social Media Tools and Strategies
  • Microsoft Office Products: New Tools, Tips, and Tricks
  • Google Apps, Adwords, and Analytics
  • Moving to the Cloud
  • Website Planning and Management


As a Technology Trainer, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Apply your knowledge of a specific technology tool or application
  • Experience developing and presenting information of a technology tool or application for a variety of skill levels
  • Increase nonprofit community members’ understanding of a specific technology skill or application
  • Help organizations better achieve their mission

Position Responsibilities

Technology Trainers will work with 501 Commons staff to develop a training plan that translates their technology skills for nonprofits with limited budgets and staffing. Volunteers will be responsible for the following:

  • Work with 501 Commons staff to establish the training topic and determine the goals/learning outcomes of the training
  • Send training materials to 501 Commons for review by a specified time before the training event
  • Lead a 60-90 minute workshop on a technology tool or application
  • Answer questions from audience after the presentation


We are seeking volunteers with technology training experience and technology backgrounds. Technology Trainers will have the following:

  • Technology training experience applicable to an organization with a small budget (less than $1,000,000) and diverse staff who may not have a technology background. Generally experienced with consumer training or training of clerical, service, or administrative staff would be most applicable.
  • A strong knowledge of a technology tool or application that is appropriate for small nonprofits.
  • The ability to develop and deliver a 45-80 minute training session via webinar or in-person in the King County area that will advance organizations' abilities to use technology effectively.
  • Training skills that allow you to build trust with the participants.
  • Professional and volunteer experience with nonprofits or willingness to learn about nonprofits so you can provide appropriate advice and consultation.

Application Process

Interested in this opportunity? Click here to apply! Be sure to mention "Technology Trainer" or "501 Talks Tech" in the section that asks why you want to volunteer with us.

Unsure if your tech expertise translates for small nonprofits? Please email for more information.