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GiveBIG Nonprofit Advisory Council

Providing a strong voice for nonprofits in the planning and success of GiveBIG

Introduction to the Council

The GiveBIG Nonprofit Advisory Council (GiveBIG Council) was created to provide a voice for nonprofits in the planning and success of the GiveBIG campaign. Council members are nonprofit leaders and professionals who advise on sponsorship, media engagement, promotional strategies, fundraising training, and the overall GiveBIG campaign. Their expertise and community connections ensure that GiveBIG is a success and continues to grow!

Meeting dates TBD:

  • February 2024
  • June 2024
  • October 2024
  • January 2025
  • June 2025


GiveBIG is a statewide generosity campaign organized by 501 Commons on the Washington Gives platform. This event is open to IRS tax-exempt organizations serving and headquartered in Washington State. GiveBIG will culminate on May 7-8, 2024.

Through GiveBIG Washington nonprofits raise funds online and connect with new donors. 501 Commons, provides trainings, tools, and support so nonprofits of all sizes and missions are successful.

Because of GiveBIG nonprofits…

  • Engage supporters who reach out to their network of friends, family, and colleagues through fundraising pages.

  • Double the impact of donor gifts through donor matching funds contributed by their most loyal supporters and employer matching gifts contributed by companies.

  • Benefit from a $500,000+ marketing campaign, largely created through in-kind donations from our marketing partners.

  • Connect with people who want to volunteer and advocate for their vital missions.

Advisory Role

The role of the council is advisory. 501 Commons may not follow a recommendation of the council when, in its judgment, doing so would be to the detriment of the campaign or the stability of the partners producing the giving day. The council will operate with full transparency and with the involvement of all members.


At 501 Commons we value inclusion. We believe our capacity to bring the community together through GiveBIG will be strongest when the GiveBIG Council represents the racial, religious, and cultural diversity of our sector and communities. Council members are selected from organizations of various sizes and missions.

Members serve voluntarily. Members’ employers will decide if participation is considered work time.

Members serve as individuals. If a member leaves the organization they are with when they apply for the council, they may continue as a council member. In order to retain membership from organizations that are of different sizes and missions, the GiveBIG Council may ask the member’s previous employer if there is another person who wishes to participate in the council.

Council Member Duties

  • Work to expand nonprofit participation in GiveBIG.
  • Advise on sponsorship materials and assist in identifying prospective corporate sponsors, foundations, and individuals who may support the campaign. Council members are not expected to make fundraising asks.
  • Review and advise on strategies for increasing public participation in the campaign including media promotions, social media, publicity, and celebrity engagement.
  • Provide input on fundraising training services for participating organizations.
  • Assist in evaluation and recommend improvements in the campaign.
  • Represent the interests of nonprofits, including your sub-sector and nonprofit size.

Council Member Benefits

  • Members and their nonprofits will be featured on the Washington Gives and 501 Commons websites.
  • Member’s nonprofit will be given priority when selecting images and stories for the Washington Gives landing page, social media, and media partners.
  • Members gain experience advising a campaign that impacts nearly 1,700 nonprofits each year.
  • Members gain valuable insight that may be applicable to the success of their organization’s GiveBIG efforts.
  • Members connect, network, and learn with other social sector leaders and professionals.

Commitment and Procedures


Meetings take place once a month, online, in June, October, and January with the potential for ad-hoc meetings and questions via email.

Council terms are for two campaign cycles, with an option to reapply in the future. For this current cycle, members will serve from October 2023-June 2025. Required minimum participation is attending 4 out of the 6 meetings.


To facilitate participation, regular meeting dates will be set for the campaign cycle in October for the following year with input from council members. Materials for meetings will be emailed to members at least 3 days before a meeting. Ad hoc meetings may be scheduled for time-sensitive input with at least 2 business days advance notice.


The council is a place for robust discussion so that a wide range of perspectives and ideas can be surfaced that will support the success of the campaign. Recommendations will occasionally be made through formal votes, generally following parliamentary procedures, so that 501 Commons and its partners have a clear sense of the opinion of the majority of members.

Team and Individual Projects

Council members may determine individual or team projects they wish to undertake to support the campaign outside their meeting attendance.