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GiveBIG Nonprofit Advisory Council

Providing a strong voice for nonprofits in the planning and success of GiveBIG


GiveBIG is a community-wide day of giving to raise awareness and philanthropic support for nonprofits that provide a breadth of services for the community.

The GiveBIG Nonprofit Advisory Council (GiveBIG Council) was created to provide a strong voice for nonprofits in the planning and success of the GiveBIG campaign.

The GiveBIG Council is a group of nonprofit leaders and fundraising professionals who provide thought partnership, community connections and expertise in areas including corporate partnerships, social media, and peer-to-peer fundraising.

Council members champion the day of giving, raising the profile of GiveBIG through shared ownership within the nonprofit community. The Council provides input and recommendations but does not hold fiduciary responsibilities for the campaign.

Council members advise 501 Commons and its partners, Encore Media Group and Civicore, on the GiveBIG Campaign. They:

  • Work to expand nonprofit participation in GiveBIG
  • Advise on media strategy and identify media connections
  • Identify and engage prospective corporate sponsors, foundations, and individuals who may support the campaign
  • Review and advise on strategies for increasing public participation in the campaign including media promotions, social media, publicity, and celebrity engagement
  • Provide input on fundraising training services for participating organizations
  • Assist in evaluation and recommend improvements in the campaign
  • Represent the interests of their sub-sector (health, human services, arts, etc.) and nonprofit size


As an Advisory Council we value inclusion. We believe our capacity to bring the community together through GiveBIG will be strongest when the Advisory Council represents the racial and cultural diversity of our sector and community, and when members are from organizations of various types and sizes.

Members serve voluntarily. Member’s employers will decide if participation is considered work time.

If a member leaves the organization they represent, the GiveBIG Council will review the individual’s continued participation in order to retain membership from organizations that are of different subsectors and sizes and to maintain a diverse council membership.

Procedural Rules

To facilitate participation, regular meeting dates will be set annually, and at least 45 days in advance. Materials for meetings will be emailed to members at least 5 days before a meeting. Ad hoc meetings may be scheduled for time-sensitive input with at least 10 business days advance notice.

The council is a place for robust discussion so that a wide range of perspectives and ideas can be surfaced that will support the success of the campaign. The creativity and knowledge of the community that members bring to the council is a vital resource to the campaign. Recommendations will be made through formal votes, generally following parliamentary procedures, so that 501 Commons and its partners have a clear sense of the opinion of the majority of members.

The role of the council is advisory and 501 Commons may not follow a recommendation of the Council when, in its judgment, not doing so would be to the detriment of the campaign or the stability of the partners producing the giving day.

Committees may be created as needed to take on the work of the council. Membership to a committee will consist of a volunteer group from the full council, with a minimum of three members from the full council. These committees may meet as needed and may make recommendations to the council.

Time commitment

We expect to have five 2-hour meetings each year, with meeting times focused during times when the campaign is being planned and executed, with one post-campaign review meeting. In person participation at the offices of 501 Commons is preferred, and a call-in option will be provided.

An annual commitment is requested. A minimum 50% participation level is needed to continue as a member. We will renew and recruit membership each September.